Old, ineffective brushrolls that need replaced.


  • General vacuum service includes a 22-point inspection* of your vacuum. ‚Äč
  • Base price for service starts at $39.95 .
  • Increase in cost depending on make, model and detail of tune-up.
  • No need to schedule an appointment, just drop it off, complete a check in form and we'll diagnose your unit while you live your life.
  • Base price does not include replacement parts (brush roll, belts, bags, etc.) but will be included in your repair quote.
  • Pricing subject to change based on make, model and detail work needed for your machine.
  • During inspection leave your vacuum for us to diagnose.
  • We will give you a call back with a FREE ESTIMATE of any repairs needed. 
  • Recommended servicing depends on type of vacuum and amount of use.
  • We are a warranty service center for nearly every vacuum. 

*Inspection during service checks the switch, cord, cord hook, handle, housing, hose, light, motor, wheels, axles, carbon brushes, bearings, pivot points, latches, belt, brush roller, brush strips, end caps, bag, bag compartment, secondary filter and HEPA filter. 

Brand new brushroll next to old. A new brushroll helps pull the dirt and debris from carpet fibers giving a better clean.

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