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​​What does a vacuum service do?

Returns vacuum to 100% efficiency instead of typical 50% most operate at after just one year of use.

What is a vacuum service? 

Each service or tune-up includes checking:

  • Electrical plug and cord check
  • Cleaning
  • Lubrication
  • Airflow and Suction check through out machine
  • Brush roller service, cleaning and brush length
  • Filter airflow
  • Bag or dust compartment check
  • Motor service and performance check
  • Install new belt
  • Install new bag
  • Full unit detailing.

How often should our vacuum be serviced?
Servicing needs vary by use, environment, make and model.  We recommend every year. Not sure if your's needs cleaning. Bring it in well take a look, always free estimates.

What does a vacuum service do for my vacuum?

  • Restores power, suction and performance
  • Full wash and disinfect inside and out
  • a must for all bagless and bagged units
  • Improve suction for better deep cleaning
  • Protects the motor from over heating
  • Recommended every 12 months to maintain power, suction and performance.

Is a bagless better than a bagged vacuum?

Not necessarily. We recommed bagged units as they contain more debris, dirt and provide better filtration throughout the vacuum. 

Vacuum needs vary between people so a bagless unit might be best for you.

Wanting a new vacuum?

Do you need to clean stairs? Do you have pets who shed a lot? Do you want deep cleaning? Hate changing the belt, get a vacuum with a lifetime belt. Have allergies? Get a vacuum that works on controlling dust and allergens. Longevity of machine should out weigh cost to purchase.

How often should I vacuum?

We recommend once a week. More if you have kiddos or pets. They tend to be messy. 

3 Common problem you shouldn't ignore

  1. Loss of suction
  2. An overheated motor
  3. A blocked filter

7 Tips to Maintain Your Vacuum

  1. Replace bag regularly. Recommend change when it's 2/3rd full.
  2. Bag must be properly attached. Opening should be connected with nozzle
  3. Empty bagless units often. Don't let it go above indicator line. Clean out debris in unit. Recommend dumping after every use
  4. Clean brush roll. Floss, hair and string get caught causing spinning action to fault.
  5. Check belt. Stretched out belts slow the function of the brushroll. Replace every 6 months to a year depending on use.
  6. Check filters and hose. Filters help clean air quality going through your vacuum. Large debris can accumulate in hoses causing clogs. Regular cleaning help maintain the air flow.
  7. Bring vacuum to repair shop. If you can't pinpoint the problem we can help. Always a free estimate.

What is a direct air motor?

A vacuum who's design pushes everything into the bag.

What is a clean air/bypass vacuum?

The vacuum pulls everything into the hose then on to the bag.

What is a tandem air vacuum?

A vacuum with two motors. One moves large volumes of air and the other has high pressure. The lower motor pushes everything then the other pulls every into the vacuum with air flow.

What does HEPA mean?

Is High-Efficiency Particulate Air, which removes 99.97% of airborne particles-similar to technology found in hospitals.

What is a Sewing Machine Service?

Service or tune-up includes checking:

  • Hook/Needle clear
  • Needle bar and plate
  • Feedog
  • Belt
  • Bobbin winder
  • Gears
  • Timing 
  • Upper tension
  • Take up lever
  • Lights
  • Motor
  • Electrical Cords
  • House
  • Feed Balance
  • Thread guides

What does a sewing machine service do?

Returns machine to 100% efficiency. Extreme use can cause issues so can not using machine at all.

How often should a sewing machine have it's timing checked?

Depends on amount of sewing machine use, machine make and model and type of material use.

Recommend every year having the timing adjusted if you sew regularly.

A sewing machine that has sat for year probably needs service before use.

Can my sewing machine sew on thick fabric?

Features of your sewing machine are subject to brand and design. Not all machines can take every fabric. Additionally thick thread may not work for your machine either. Using the wrong materials could cause tension, timing or permanently damage your machine.

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